Transport 2050 Youth Advisory Council Application

about 1 year ago

July 29, 2019: Applications for Council membership are now closed, and applicants will be contacted shortly to confirm membership.

TransLink and CityHive are calling for a diverse group of 20 young adults aged 19-30 living across Metro Vancouver to help shape the present and future transportation systems of the region.

Whether you are a self-proclaimed transit nerd or don’t have a clue about how transportation systems work, if you have the ability to engage your networks and a desire to learn more about how the region is moving into the future this opportunity could be for you!

What is the Transport 2050 Youth Advisory Council?

TransLink is leading engagement for Transport 2050, a new shared regional transportation strategy to help navigate the next 30 years of transportation in Metro Vancouver.

As present and future leaders and users across the region, TransLink wants to engage youth and young adults representing different communities, and with varied experiences and perspectives throughout this process.

To this end, TransLink has asked CityHive to convene the Transport 2050 Youth Advisory Council to help shape the future of our regional transportation.

The Youth Advisory Council will empower young adults from across the region to create opportunities for meaningful engagement for the future of young commuters. Each Council member will be responsible for engaging their own network of youth aged 13-30 - whether a community group, organization, demographic group, or neighbourhood-based group.

No prior experience with engagement facilitation or knowledge of transportation systems is required. However, applicants must demonstrate the capacity to convene members from across their networks and community groups. This valuable engagement will help to shape the overall Transport 2050 Plan being presented to the Mayors’ Council in the Fall of 2020.

Youth Advisory Council members will be compensated with an honorarium for their time. See below for more information about members’ responsibilities.

Council Responsibilities

The Transport 2050 Youth Council term is July 2019-Fall 2020 and responsibilities include:

  • An onboarding retreat in July/August 2019 to learn more about transportation in the region and to be trained in public engagement and facilitation skills, and to build community with other Council members
  • Monthly or bi-monthly meetings from July 2019 to Fall 2020 to contribute to the Transport 2050 process

Each Council member will be responsible for leading one engagement session with support from CityHive and TransLink staff during Phase 1 (now to Sept 2019) and one during Phase 2 (Spring 2020). Each Council member will lead an engagement session for the community and group of youth that they are connected to.

Note: During the term, Council members must be available for the onboarding retreat and subsequent meetings.

Consultation has concluded