Engagement Process

10 months ago

Engagement Process

TransLink is leading the development of a new Regional Transportation Strategy called, “Transport 2050.” At the same time, Metro Vancouver is updating Metro 2040, the Regional Growth Strategy.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to shape how we move. And live.

Project Timeline

Phase 1: Share values and ideas, develop vision (Spring – Summer 2019)

What do you value about where you live? How do you like to move? What are your ideas for the new ways to travel around our region?

During Phase 1 engagement, TransLink worked with Metro Vancouver to understand what you care about to inform a renewed vision for the region. This vision will inform our long-term strategies – the Regional Transportation Strategy (Transport 2050) and an update of Metro 2050, the Regional Growth Strategy – which shape how the region moves and lives.

What did we hear in Phase 1? See the report, "Shaping Our Transportation Future, Together."

Phase 2: Consider ideas and trade-offs (Spring 2020)

What kind of transportation future do you want? And how do we weigh the trade-offs between different ideas?

During Phase 2 engagement, TransLink will present different packages for future transportation. These package will include projects, policies, and programs drawn from what we heard from you in Phase 1. The options will offer different benefits - and come with different costs – so we’ll ask you to weigh the choices that we have to make as a region.

Phase 3: Draft new Regional Transportation Strategy (Fall 2020)

Can you see your values, vision, and ideas reflected in Transport 2050?

In Phase 3, TransLink will share the draft strategy - a shared blueprint that will help the region navigate the next 30 years of transportation. We’ll show you where and how public and stakeholder input has been considered and shaped the draft document.

Following Phase 3 engagement, TransLink will take the strategy to the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation for approval. From there, the region will start putting the strategy into action!

Our 7 Step Process

Step 1 - Starting a Regional Conversation

Transport 2050 starts with you. What are your values, priorities and ideas for the future of transportation?

Step 2 - Updating regional vision & goals

Based on what you've shared, along with stakeholder input and research, we'll update the region's transportation vision and goals.

Step 3 - Creating packages of ideas

Ideas submitted that could deliver the transportation vision will be grouped into different packages. We'll research the costs and benefits of each package.

Step 4 - Evaluating the packages

We'll ask for your help to consider the trade-offs between the different packages.

Step 5 - Drafting the next strategy

Next, based on everything we've heard, we'll create a draft strategy that we'll share with you.

Step 6 - Adopting the new Regional Transportation Strategy

We'll tweak the final strategy and take it to the Mayors' Council for approval.

Step 7 - Implementing Transport 2050

With Transport 2050 in hand, the region, in partnership with other levels of government, can get to work on providing you with better transportation and new options for getting around.

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