When will the design of the station be finalized?

    We expect to complete the full station design by summer 2021.

    When do you expect the Capstan Station will be open?

    We expect to start construction in spring 2021. Early indications are that the station will be substantially complete by the end of 2022 and open to customers in early 2023.

    Will there be impacts to traffic and pedestrian/cyclist movement in the area during construction?

    The work may require changes to vehicle, pedestrian, and cyclist movement through the area to ensure public safety. Any potential impacts will be communicated in advance. TransLink is committed to working with our construction partners and the City of Richmond to minimize impacts on our neighbours as much as possible.

    What kind of amenities will be included in the station?

    The station will include two sets of up and down escalators, two elevators, bright lighting, a commercial retail unit, bike lockers and a public art component. It will also meet accessibility standards, for example the inclusion of platform edge tactical strips.

    Will the station include public washrooms?

    No, the station will not include public washrooms. However, the adjacent development will have public washrooms just a few minutes’ walk from the station (i.e. approximately 70 metres away).

    Will there be a public art component at the station?

    As part of TransLink’s public art policy, we are exploring opportunities to enhance the customer experience through a public art component at the station.

    Will there be a retail space at the station? If so, what will it be?

    The station will include a retail space. The specific retailer is not known at this time, but will be determined closer to the completion of the station.

    Are you working with the neighbouring developments so the station is integrated with the new buildings in the area?

    Due to the specific site conditions and the existing guideway, integration with the neighbouring developments was impractical. That said, we’re working closely with the City of Richmond to support the integration with adjacent public lands and active transportation corridors.

    Who did you seek input from on the design of the station?

    We have worked closely with the City of Richmond to ensure the design of the station will meet the needs of our customers and Richmond residents. With each new station, we include attributes that our customers have told us they enjoy most, such as up and down escalators, bright lighting, and accessibility features.

    Has TransLink ever built a station in between two existing stations while operations continue?

    Lake City Way Station was built after the Millennium Line opened, so this will be the second time that TransLink has built a station on one of our existing rapid transit lines.